Guardian Home Sitting


Guardian Home SittingAs an additional value-added program, Guardian Home Sitting provides homeowners with the peace of mind and security knowing that someone is looking after their property while they are away. Especially if they have pets or plants which need to be attended to. We also provide that lived in look by pickup newspapers and flyers and doing a visual inspection of the property inside and out to ensure that there are no security or safety concerns. If you have an alarm system and you are away, who will the alarm company call? We can be there for you in your absence to provide immediate attention to any problems which may arise.

Our Guardian Home Sitting Program is perfect for homeowners who travel down south for the winter months or who take extended vacations. As a requirement of their insurance company, they need someone to inspect their properties once a week, to ensure that the homeowners are eligible to make an insurance claim while they are away from their property for an extended period of time. Please check with your insurance company for your exact requirements as all policies are not the same; some require the property to be check every 3 days instead of once a week.

CopperRidge is fully insured and bonded.
Call today and ask how in one call you can have more time to enjoy life and the things which you love to do, without the worry or wasting your time and energy on maintaining your home or property.

Our Services Include:

  • Visiting and inspecting your house while on your behalf while you are away so you can maintain proper insurance coverage
  • Visual inspection of your property to ensure that there are no problems which may include broken windows, busted or leaking water pipes, toilets or water tanks
  • Watering of plants or looking after your pets
  • Maintaining that lived in look my removing snow or cutting your lawn
  • Collecting newspapers and flyers which build up at your front door or mailbox
  • Maintaining your pool or spa in you absence
  • Being an emergency contact for your alarm company
  • Providing peace of mind and security in your absence

Clients have peace of mind with Guardian Home Sitting