CopperRidge Property Care

At CopperRidge we understand that time is valuable and there never seems to be enough time to work on all the projects that you have ongoing. That’s why we created CopperRidge Property Care for all your Repair & Maintenance needs. Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a commercial customer there is always something which needs to be to repaired or maintained.

CopperRidge is fully insured and bonded.
Call today and ask how in one call you can have more time to enjoy life and the things which you love to do, without the worry or wasting your time and energy on maintaining your home or property.

Lawn care
Property clean up

Do you have...

  • A lawn which need to mowed and trimmed?
  • Bushes and shrubs which need trimming?
  • Leaves and debris which needs to be cleared?
  • Seasonal flowers which need to be planted?
  • Flower beds which need soil or mulch added?
  • A hole in the wall which needs repairing and painting
  • Light fixtures which need to be replaced?
  • Faucets or toilets which are leaking or need to be replaced?
  • Trim which needs to be replaced or added?
  • Shelves which need to be built?
  • Decks or fences which need to be built or replaced?
  • Projects which need to be built or assembled?
  • Need your deck or fence stained?
  • Need to have something power washed?
  • Need your windows cleaned?
  • Need your pool cleaned or maintained?
  • Anything else which needs fixing or replacing?

Call today for a quote on how we can help you have more time to enjoy the things you love to do without worrying about those nagging jobs which need to be done.